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Finding an attorney

There are literally thousands of admitted lawyers in South Africa who are able to assist people. Some specialise in criminal law, some in shipping law, some in commercial law (like mergers or acquisitions) and some are general practitioners.

The challenge people face today is finding the right lawyer to assist.

The South African Lawyer website enables people to search through a massive directory of lawyers based on location, speciality, or magisterial district.

Our aim is to put people in direct contact with lawyers who can assist.

Online legal advice

Sometimes people want to ask a lawyer a question but they are too scared of picking up the phone or making an appointment with the lawyer because they think that they can’t afford the legal advice.

The challenge is that lawyers generally bill by the hour, but what happens if somebody wants only 10 minutes of time?

The SA Legal Advice website enables people to engage with a qualified, admitted attorney, to ask him/her a legal question. After a small deposit is made, the parties “chat” until the person is happy and “accepts” the answer.

The advantage for the lawyer is that he receives compensation for the time he/she spends; the advantage for the person is that they can select how much they want to spend on getting their question answered.

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Online Legal Advice

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